our customers are enjoying

outstanding rides

ultimate bikers needs the ultimate ride step into the showroom and
experience the best of Yamaha motorbikes on display. Test drive and
ride home your favorite motorbike today

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our customers are enjoying

outstanding rides

The ultimate story behind ultimate bikes get to know more about
the showroomthe team and the technology that drives what we
strive for everyday. bringing you the ultimate Yamaha experience to you.

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our customers are enjoying

outstanding rides

ultimate bikes takes you on ultimate rides
We organize regular rides along with our expert team to different locations in and around the kongu region.
Join us and explore what you experience and how to be a member of
the riders club.

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Ultimatebike Store

We Ultimatebikes are located in  Tirupur. We give attention to every detail in our store to give our customers premium service and consistent customer service anytime every time. Come visit us for Ultimate experience of buying your favorite bike.

Ultimate Experts

Your bikes maintenance is our ultimate responsibility that we take very seriously. Our experts go through intensive training to give your bike the ultimate care and service it deserves with our strict time commitment policy. 

Ultimate Bike Care and Service

We have expert team of technicians who are well trained to care for your bikes every aspect, from changing the oil to maintaining the engine with the latest technology and world- class facility.

Ultimate Customer Care

Walk in any day we are here to help you. Whether it’s selecting the perfect bike for you ,or the final step of buying the bike by arranging for best possible finance  available that suits your budget our professionals will be by your side.

Our Ultimate Pillars of Trust

We are always exceeding our limits to provide the ultimate quality, in our service and of our products. We are a team of professionals who are always looking forward to give you that ultimate products with innovative designs and technology that speak for itself.

Innovative Technology

Steadite alloy cylinder

Blue core technology by Yamaha is newer generation development model. This technology extracts maximum performance and fuel economy from the engine by optimizing combustion process. The blue core also reduces power loss while precisely controlling fuel supply and ignition timing.

4-valve power engine

The new “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X” Application enabled with Bluetooth technology serves a seamless experience of riding and upkeep to the customers in unique ways. The introduction of “Bluetooth enabled technology” aims to bring potential benefits through a host of safety and practical features to the customers.

Ceramic Coating cylinder

Your safety is our top priority, that is why provide YAMAHA helmets made with high-end technology to protect your head in case of any accident. The 3-layered protection in YAMAHA helmets safeguards your head by softening the force of impact.

Electronic Fuel Injection system

We want every journey you make to be filled with excitement and satisfaction, and we choose to give you Yamaha because engineering is at the heart of everything at Yamaha, and we believe that oil is the lifeblood of products. That’s why we give Yamaha developed Yamalube– a range of oils, lubricants and care products designed to help you get the best experience from your Yamaha product.

Ultimate Advantages